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Citizen Love wants to inspire a new way of looking at everyday things. For starters, we'd like you to imagine a world without any plastic. Okay, okay, we know that's a bit
hard to do… so let's start smaller than that. Let's imagine a world without plastic shopping bags and soda and water bottles made from eco-unfriendly petroleum… [read more]
We like to think that each of our bags saves a bottle from ending up as trash.

Citizen Love wants to inspire you to think and live greener. We believe that shopping is political. How you spend your money says something about what you believe in, because your choices help to shape the world—and that makes a difference. So you've got to start somewhere, and we’d like you to support this simple choice: No more plastic bags!


Most plastic is terrible for the environment. It’s made from petroleum, which creates toxic waste and has to be imported, further polluting the planet to get it here. It doesn't biodegrade. Yes, it eventually breaks down into toxic fragments, but it never turns into something that’s food for any living creature. The pollution it creates is pervasive: It dirties our oceans, beaches, and land, turning them into garbage dumps, as well as polluting entire ecosystems and threatening animals of all shapes and sizes. Right now, there's an enormous floating mess of garbage twice the size of Texas swirling in the Pacific Ocean!


The fastest way to stop using plastic bags is to start carrying reusable bags—every day, all the time. Ours look pretty cool and have some good thinking behind them, too. They’re made from recycled cotton (the waste scraps that normally go straight to landfill) and PET (which is made from plastic bottles). We design our bags to fit onto our fabrics perfectly, which leaves minimal waste. So they reduce landfill and waste, they look stylish, and, most importantly, they replace the 700-1,000 bags the average family discards every year.


In keeping with all this and how we feel about our own carbon footprint, everything we make is manufactured entirely in the USA (fabric, printing, designing, sewing). It’s done for fair wages by a network of really cool people. By making everything with love and integrity as close to home as possible, we hope to encourage other businesses to become greener, as well. And 10% of our profits are donated to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, which is involved in the study and remediation of plastic pollution worldwide.

Love & Thanks, Citizen Love
Great Ideas Grow In California