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Citizen Love wants to inspire a new way of looking at everyday things. For starters, we'd like you to imagine a world without any plastic. Okay, okay, we know that's a bit
hard to do… so let's start smaller than that. Let's imagine a world without plastic shopping bags and soda and water bottles made from eco-unfriendly petroleum… [read more]
Recycled cotton comes from the scraps that would normally end up as landfill.
This is a bag that thinks green—even though it's in shades of rose and pink with a touch of orange! It's about 12 " high by 9 " wide (45x35cm) with sturdy handles.Every bag is made from a different part of the fabric, so they're all unique. Printed on 80% recycled cotton / 20% recycled bottle fabric. Made with love in the USA.
$45 + S &H
The Rose Small Bag