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Citizen Love wants to inspire a new way of looking at everyday things. For starters, we'd like you to imagine a world without any plastic. Okay, okay, we know that's a bit
hard to do… so let's start smaller than that. Let's imagine a world without plastic shopping bags and soda and water bottles made from eco-unfriendly petroleum… [read more]
Recycled cotton comes from the scraps that would normally end up as landfill.
This very colorful tote is about 18" high by 14" wide (45x35cm) with good comfy handles. Every bag is made from a different part of the fabric, so they're all unique. To help send you the bag you'll like most, select deeper or lighter colors and we'll find you a great one. Printed on 80% recycled cotton / 20% recycled bottle fabric. Made with love in the USA.
$80 + S &H
Deeper Rainbow Bag
Lighter Rainbow Bag